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Are SPINOSA products safe?
Our range of products is absolutely safe to be used in long or short time period and have no side effects even though you may stop using our products in the future. It contains no hydroquinone, mercury, steroids or any other harmful bleaching substances.   

Where do SPINOSA ingredients originate from?
 Ingredients are all imported from Swiss, France, USA, Morocco & Greek Island and packaged in Malaysia by a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) approved factory.
Are SPINOSA products safe for pregnant women and breastfeeding moms?
 Yes. Our products are safe for everyone including expecting and breastfeeding mothers.

 Can SPINOSA PREMIUM NIGHT REPAIR brighten my skin naturally?
 Cosmetics that contain low doses of active ingredients do not have the ability to make a physiological skin difference. However, SPINOSA PREMIUM NIGHT REPAIR contains the highest concentrations of world's best most effective ingredients to be absorbed into the skin. Therefore, your skin will definitely get lighten up and brighter in natural way without having to go through skin peeling or skin gets eroded.

 Who should start using SPINOSA PREMIUM NIGHT REPAIR as the initial to anti-aging skincare routine?
 Natural aging process is a continuous process that normally begins in our mid-20s. By exposing yourself to the sun daily, your internal layer of skin is aging slowly. Collagen production slows, and elastin; the substance that enables skin to snap back into place, has a bit less spring. If you do not prevent and treat your skin during this continuous aging process, your skin could visibly look old in the early 30's. Therefore, it is advisable for you to start your anti-aging skincare routine as early as possible.
Why SPINOSA PREMIUM NIGHT REPAIR is a must-have in skincare regime for everyone?
 The duo creams of SPINOSA PREMIUM NIGHT REPAIR are very lightweight, non-greasy creams with luxurious scent that makes it very comfortable and calming to be used at night during the treatment process. Combining the most expensive and effective active ingredients and has been developed based on international research and clinical data, it is safe proven formula and there is absolutely no room for error. Luxury beauty at affordable price, it's a totally big win for your purse and your precious skin worth it!


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